What Happens After The Photo: Bringing Home Your Catch

What Happens After The Photo: Bringing Home Your Catch

Catch-and-release fishing from a pond makes for good sport, but deep sea Florida fishing combines sport with the thrill of the hunt. On a Florida fishing charter for catching predator fish, you will experience the competition that comes from reeling in large ocean species as well as the culinary pleasure of a catch that you can enjoy later when you return home.

When It Won’t Fit In Your Carry-On Bag

We’ve all seen impressive photos of large ocean catches such as red snapper or amberjack. The proud fisherman stands with his catch, dwarfed by the fish that grow to be about 28 pounds. It’s quite a catch and an accomplishment. The part we don’t see comes next – what to do with your large game species?

Fly To Florida For Deep Sea Fishing, Come Home With Dinner For The Whole Family

  • Part of the Charter Service. Many Florida deep sea fishing charters exist, but check to see which charters let you keep your large catch. Deep sea fishing charters in Florida vary, but if you are out to catch a large species like red Snapper or a shark, it’s good to know that your charter will bag and fillet your catch. Once you snap the picture and make the memory, a private charter like Ambush Fishing will do the rest: private charter boat fishing services take your prize from the sea, fillet the meat, and package it for you to take home.
  • Home Delivery. Once your private fishing charter service fillets a 28 pound red snapper, you have quite a haul to get home! Florida fishing will yield large predator fish, and once filleted, you will have a large amount of take-out to get home. Look for fish shipping services that will vacuum seal, freeze, and specialty mail pack your fillets. When you return home, you will only need to unload your boxes direct to your freezer to enjoy the spoils of your adventure.
  • Checked luggage. You can also elect to freeze and pack your catch through a service, and then you can pack your own fillets to take with you on the plane. Since most airlines will charge by the pound for checked baggage, keep in mind the cost associated with brining your catch home with your luggage.

Deep Sea Fishing Is Fulfilling—And Filling

The feeling of pulling a large fish species from the ocean is victorious, and feeding yourself and family with your catch is even more rewarding. Come home with fillets caught on your Florida fishing charter, and you’ll never look the same at a fish dinner on the menu again.

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