Watersport Pro-Tips: Tricks To Keeping Your Belongings Dry

Watersport Pro-Tips: Tricks To Keeping Your Belongings Dry

There are many options to choose when you plan a Florida vacation. Whether you decide to book a deep sea fishing charter or swim in the shallows, you will certainly be on and around the ocean. Most vacationers tote a bag of some sort full of items that they might need while fishing or swimming: sunscreen, sunglasses, change of clothes, etc. These items add comfort to your trip, and you want to make sure they stay dry.

No matter the activity that you choose, nothing will dampen your spirit faster than water damage to your phone or eyeglasses that fly into the surf. Therefore, make sure you bring your belongs back in the same condition in which you packed them by following a few easy tricks.

4 Ways To Keep Belongings Dry

  1. Plastic zip locking bags. While you’re packing some snacks into baggies to take along to the waterfront, snag a few extra bags to keep handy. You may need to put sunblock, lip balm, keys, and any small items into a baggie to keep them dry. If you take a Florida fishing charter, it is wise to also pack items into baggies just in case they fall into water on the deck or waves splash you.
  2. Waterproof cell phone pouch. For a small cost, you can find waterproof pouches for your cell phone. While some phones are waterproof, you can’t go wrong putting your phone in a pouch to keep safe from water just in case. Many waterproof pouches have carrying straps or wristlet bands so that you can continue your activity hands free.
  3. Sunglasses on a strap. It is too easy for sunglass to slip off, fly away, or fall into water. Avoid losing your sunglasses by wearing them around your neck. There are many varieties of holders for sunglasses that attach to a strap or lanyard. Most holders fit to your glasses without much interference, and you can rest assured that your glasses will be with you after your water adventures.
  4. Waterproof products. When you head out for watersports, you may bring personal items such as a hat, bag, water shoes, or jacket. But, if your items are not waterproof already, you could buy products from a hard ware store that could be easily applied to make them waterproof. There are several brands that offer sprays to repel water from clothing and other materials, and these would work great for your Florida vacation.

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