Shark Fishing Charters

Shark Fishing

If you want an exciting, one-of-a-kind fishing experience, book a shark charter with Ambush Fishing Charters. These 4-hour trips can be run any time, but we tend to run them in the evening so as not to interfere with our full and half day fishing charters.

Sharks come in close to shore to feed and there’s less noise, boats, and people at night, which draws them in. Bigger nocturnal fish feed at night too, which in turn draw sharks that are looking for bigger prey. Night time is the best time for shark fishing.
There is absolutely nothing like pulling a shark up from the depths. The sheer energy and power of these fish is a sight to behold and one you’ll never forget. We catch several varieties of sharks off the coast of Florida; so you never know what’s going to show up on a given night! Depending on the size and species of shark, we can bag your catch or release it back into the waters.

Shark Charter Pricing

Shark charters are $500 for 4 hours of night time shark fishing. Shark charters are private, which means your group gets the entire 36′ Ambush for that price. We can accommodate groups of up to 6 people. Not everyone has to fish. If you’ve got friends or family members who just want to get up close and personal with the shark, bring ’em along! They won’t be disappointed.

Price includes:

  • All Bait & Tackle
  • 4 hour use of the captained boat
  • Expert fishing guides
  • Hanging and filleting of shark upon docking – and we will definitely take pictures of your catch!

Contact Us to Arrange a Shark Charter Before You Arrive

Shark charters are very popular. We recommend making advance reservations to ensure you get to have this amazing experience. Start making plans today by contacting us via the online form to check availability or by calling us at 321-626-0902.

Note: You do not need to purchase a Florida fishing license as long as you fish with a licensed charter service like Ambush Fishing Charters.