Planning A Fall Florida Great-Outdoors Vacation

Planning A Fall Florida Great-Outdoors Vacation

There’s so much more to Florida than just sun and sand. If you love Nature and want to really get into the wild and enjoy a variety of activities, head to Florida in the Fall.

What To Expect In Florida During The Fall

When you love the great outdoors, then you have to check out the options for hiking, fishing, and camping in Florida. Plan your sojourn into nature to include some cardio with a long hike; keep your pulse rate pumping with an exciting deep-sea fishing charter for mackerel, a king predator fish; and end your day by the glow of the smoldering flames from your campfire while you snack on s’mores.

Itinerary For A Fall Trip

The following are some of the types of wildlife and scenery to see on a Fall Florida vacation:

  1. Hiking In Florida Parks. While the coastline of Florida grabs most of the attention, there are beautiful interior parks to hike and take in the scenery too. State parks offer miles and miles of hiking through all varieties of terrain. Lagoons, peninsulas, and prairie await you. You’ll spot wildlife only seen in this region, like Tortugas, songbirds, and of course, crocodiles from the safety of the park trails. So, pack your best hiking boots and hit the trails in Florida.
  2. Fishing On A Private Fishing Charter. Even though Fall is in the air, the fish are still biting in Florida. The region is still hopping with great fish to catch on a private fishing charter. If you leave today, you can hit the deck on a deep-sea fishing charter boat for an adventure to end the year with a bang. The ocean is abundant with different species, but October and November are excellent times for catching Spanish Mackerel. The mackerel begin their run to their wintering grounds in the Keys in the Fall, so you’ll have the adventure you seek trying to reel in these aggressive predators.
  3. Camping In Florida. After your return from the charter, belly up to a campfire in some amazing camping spaces found along the Florida National Scenic Trail. You can roast your fresh catch over the coals while taking in the beauty and peacefulness of the campgrounds.

Start A New Tradition With A Florida Fall Vacation

From wildlife to landscape, Florida has sights you can’t see elsewhere. You’ll have plenty to do and enjoy when you explore the natural environment in Florida. Start a new tradition of a year-end, grand outdoor adventure. Call Ambush Fishing today and talk to an agent today at 321-626-0902 or make a charter request online anytime!