Plan A Final Summer Vacation With A Florida Deep-Sea Fishing Charter

Plan A Final Summer Vacation With A Florida Deep-Sea Fishing Charter

It’s here already—it’s August and back-to-school, an exciting time of year when the kids head into a new school year. You’re probably prepping them with school supplies and new shoes, but what if you also plan a surprise trip? Start their year off right with a Labor Day to remember – before the school year heaves into gear, give them one last blast of summer with a trip to Florida.

Turn Your Family’s Florida Vacation Into An Adventure

When you make plans for the trip, be sure to include something that will amaze every member of your family and book a deep-sea fishing charter. Book soon, especially if you’re planning for Labor Day, because schedules fill up, and you won’t want to miss this adventure. Your whole family will love the feeling of the boat whipping against the sea surf as you venture out to sea for some big-game fishing. If you book the charter to catch shark then you’re really going to have some tales to tell!

Charters For Everyone

There are many types of big game fish to catch, and the whole experience of the boat ride, open ocean, and the thrill of the catch will occupy every member of your family. There are many options of fish to choose for your charter, and you can’t go wrong; fishing for any of these deep-sea species will be exciting!

  1. Amberjack. This fish is a fighter! You’ll enjoy the chase as this species is challenging and fierce. They range in size from 5 to 60 pounds, and there’s even a record-breaking catch of 142 pounds on the books, so you never know how big a fish you might catch!
  2. Spanish Mackerel. Not only is this an exciting catch, but the Spanish Mackerel is beautiful, too! You’ll want your victory pose next to this one, for sure!
  3. Wahoo. The name is as fun to say it…as it is to catch it, the Wahoo are challenging and really an adventure to catch. You’ll have to out-wit this cunning fish, and this will be your story to amaze friends and family for years to come!

Anytime Is A Good Time For Vacation In Florida

Florida has forever been a Spring Break destination, but it’s also the perfect back-to-school, last summer vacation stop before the school year starts. When you come for Labor Day, you’ll find plenty to keep you and your family happy and stall the demands of the approaching school year.

Call Ambush Fishing to book your back-to-school adventure. There’s still time to wring one more fun summer weekend from the season, so call 321-626-0902 or make a charter request online to book your Labor Day adventure today!