How To Pick A Fishing Charter That Meets Your Expectations

Everything depends on the fishing charter.

The one you choose will determine how your day unfolds on the water. Pick one led by a knowledgeable captain, and you’ll be able to relax knowing you’ll see the region’s top fishing spots. Hiring a reputable charter with an experienced captain guarantees you’ll get in some quality fishing time.

The challenge is selecting a charter service that makes the grade. How do you know which one to pick? Following is a brief guide that will help you to choose a private game fishing charter that meets – and even exceeds – your expectations.

Don’t Let Price Be The Sole Deciding Factor

There’s nothing better than getting a great deal. Unfortunately, a lot of people find themselves on bad charters as a result of jumping at the lowest price. They pick the cheapest option only to be disappointed.

A below-market rate may suggest the service’s boat is old and in need of repairs. It may indicate the captain is working for low pay, which could reflect in his professionalism (or lack thereof).

Bottom line: focus on the value you’ll receive rather than the price of the charter.

Find Out The Captain’s Experience

Some charter captains have decades of game fishing experience while others are relatively new to it. Some have a comfortable, professional manner that optimizes the customer experience while others are less cordial. Some captains are willing to teach you everything you need to know, especially if you’re new to deep-sea fishing, while others are less amenable.

It’s important to pick a charter service helmed by a captain who has plenty of experience, a solid reputation, and a great attitude. It’s not enough that he carries the title. He should know how to operate the boat, find the best fishing spots, and offer help whenever you need it.

Learn About The Charter’s Safety Precautions

Being out on the water poses risks, regardless of the captain’s experience. A lot can happen that is beyond the captain’s control. Sport fishing is far from an exact science. Accidents and unanticipated events sometimes occur on the water. If (or when) they do, it’s important that the charter has safety measures in place.

Make sure the charter’s boat carries life jackets. Also, ask whether the captain knows how to apply first-aid and perform CPR. And find out whether the charter service carries liability insurance.

Picking a good offshore game fishing charter requires doing a bit of due diligence. The upside is that you and your friends (or family) will be treated to a full day of deep-sea fishing that exceeds your expectations.

Whether you decide to go out for a half day or full day, Ambush Fishing will help you to make the most of the experience. Contact us today to reserve our new 36-foot, 405-HP Calvin Beal for your private offshore fishing excursion.