Night Time Fishing Charter | Private Florida Fishing Charter

Night Fishing Offers Challenge And Opportunity

It’s second-nature for many fishermen to rise before dawn and fish in the early morning hours when fish are active and biting, but have you ever thought about fishing at the opposite end of the day? Yep. We’re talking about night fishing.

Our nighttime fishing charters are some of our most exciting outings. After the heat and activity of the day, fish tend to come out of hiding to do their feeding. We see fish of all kinds out doing their thing at night: Big fish, little fish, game fish, predators, prey. There’s also excitement coming off anglers in the boat. It’s just plain fun to get out and fish after dark!

Why You’ll Love Night Fishing

If you have never fished at night, you are in for a treat. Nighttime fishing is both challenging, requiring different fishing skills, and extremely rewarding. Here are a few things we love about night fishing that you’ll come to love too:

  • It’s possible to catch some seriously big game fish as night as they hunt smaller prey or bait fish which in turn are out hunting plankton attracted and other small nocturnal feeders.
  • Snook, snapper, swordfish, sharks, bass, snapper, tarpon, grouper, hogfish, sea bass, cobia, redfish,…they can all be caught at night.
  • Night fishing is particularly popular during the summer months when the heat and humidity make it difficult to enjoy daytime fishing.
  • Night fishing gives you a chance to use lights in your fishing. Plankton are drawn by lights, which in turn draw prey fish, which in turn draw game fish. It’s a fun challenge to land the bait just right near and outside of the light or in the shadows to entice a fish to bite.
  • Surprises. It’s harder to see what’s going on in the water at night lending an element of surprise to the whole expedition. You never know what’s going to bite when or where!
  • It’s quieter at night. Fish like this and we do too. Sometimes, a nice quiet evening out on the water is just what the doctor ordered.
  • Sharks are more likely to be out and active at night, so you might be lucky enough to snag one even if you aren’t specifically trying to.

Experience Night Fishing For Yourself With Am Ambush Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Whether you are more of a night owl than an early bird or someone who’d like to try their hand at night fishing, Ambush is the place to do it! Our night fishing charters are private, limited to a maximum of 6 people in your party, full-service (we supply bait, tackle, and gear), and expertly led by our native Florida captains. We know where to go, when to go, and what will be biting – day or night!

Contact Ambush Fishing to book a private night time fishing charter by calling 321-626-0902 or making a request online today!