Make YOUrself A Priority In The New Year

Make YOUrself A Priority In The New Year

Too often, we don’t set aside time for ourselves, and by the end of the year, we feel haggard and worn out. Give yourself some time this year and think about some goals meant just for you.

1. Make Time. We never seem to have enough time. At the end of the day, we lament that we didn’t get more done in the time we had allotted. Truly, there is plenty of time if we pay attention to our day and the amount of time we waste.

One reason we waste time is to relieve stress. Too often, we let our stressors build and don’t adequately release tension. So, we look for little ways to let go which leads to time wasters. Instead of taking little breaks, plan for one big break that you look forward to and will give you incentive to stay focused.

2. Spend Time. Along with making more time in your day, don’t forget to spend time. Too many times, we get to the end of the year and have nothing to show for our downtime. While you have the whole year ahead of you, look forward and plan to take a vacation.

Not enough people spend time on themselves. You have vacation days, so make sure to use them and give yourself the chance to renew your energy. Also, this ties back to making time because this can be an event that serves as motivation.

3. Escape The Rut. Life will follow a cadence, when things fall into rhythm. Before you know it, you’re doing the same things all the time, following routines, and falling into a rut. You need to shake yourself free. Do something different to break away from your habits.

Create meaningful activities that veer from your comfort zone and give you more excitement in life. Look for things that are safe but new to you. Find experts who will lead the way and make it easier to take a risk or go on an adventure.

Finding Yourself In Florida

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