Make Shark Fishing Plans For Your Florida Vacation

Shark fishing in Florida is one of the biggest thrills a fisherman can hope for. It’s challenging – both mentally and physically – and oh, so rewarding when you reel in a live shark!

When To Go

There really isn’t a bad time to fish for sharks in Florida. Some species can be found year-round, others migrate through, and still others follow prey fish like Amberjack. It all depends on what you want to catch. If you just want to shark fish and aren’t particular about the type, any time of year will do!

Just be sure to book in advance. The shark fishing charters do sell out and we’d hate for you to get your hopes up about shark fishing on your vacation only to be disappointed when you can’t find an open charter.

Species We See In Florida

There are several species of sharks in the Florida waters. We have seen anglers reel in:

  • Tiger sharks
  • Bull sharks
  • Big Dusky sharks
  • Silky sharks
  • Hammerheads
  • Spinner sharks
  • Black Tip sharks
  • Bonnetheads
  • Lemon sharks

Some of these species are protected and if that’s the case we practice catch and release. But don’t worry! We’ll be sure to snap several awesome (social media worthy) pictures of you with your shark before we send it back into the water.

Our Shark Fishing Tours

We offer 4-hour private shark fishing trips. Fishing trips can be booked for day or night, but we see more sharks on the nighttime trips when there are fewer boats out on the water and less noise. If you want to try for bigger sharks, a night tour is best; that’s when the bigger fish tend to feed and where there are bigger fish, there are sharks following close behind.

To learn more about our shark fishing charters and pricing information, click here or call us at 321-626-0902 to discuss availability.