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Keep The Relationship Magic Alive With A Deep-Sea Fishing Adventure

If your couch has dual ruts from you and your spouse watching T.V., put down the remote! Couples who participate in activities and share experiences have much more on which to build their relationship; you can’t keep talking about what’s for dinner or which show to watch if you still want to feel magical together in ten years.

Exciting Alternative To T.V. Date Night

Instead, look for activities that add thrills that you can talk about for years to come. What is something you’ve never done before? What is something that will really push you off the couch and get you into a new frame of mind?

If you have the desire to get out of your relationship comfort zone, book a charter for a deep-sea fishing adventure. Imagine sea spray in the air as you and your spouse zip through ocean waves, heading toward the horizon, beasts of the deep awaiting your next move. There’s adventure ahead, all right, and it’s not coming from a screen!

Three Reasons Your Relationship Will Benefit From A Deep-Sea Charter

  1. You and your spouse will learn something new. Our captain and experienced crew will make sure to teach you everything you need to know – no experience necessary! The type of fishing rod, the way a reel works, and facts about the fish you’ll catch will all be provided.
  2. Both of you can enjoy the ride. Riding through ocean in our charter boat is a thrill, and you can relax and enjoy the trip. Bring a cooler with a romantic snack of fancy cheeses and crackers and a little wine to unwind, but don’t eat too much – you can bring home the fish you catch! So, leave room in the cooler for bounty.
  3. You’ll have a whale of a tale to tell. No matter the type of fish you catch, Amberjack, Wahoo, or even Shark, you’ll go home with a story. You and your spouse will regale dinner guests with the fight to reel in your deep-sea fish, a captivating yarn about the way you never gave up, wrangling it up from the depths.

Don’t let another holiday, vacation, or special occasion pass by while you’re coasting on the couch. Get up, get out, and get to a private deep-sea fishing charter before you burn out the remote. Contact Ambush Fishing to book your adventure today. Simply call 321-626-0902 and schedule a private dee-sea fishing charter, or make a charter request online anytime!