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When Hunting Sharks, Start By Armoring Yourself With Knowledge

Surfers joke about becoming “shark bait”, but there is truth behind their humor. Sharks have a sense for prey, and you can reliably expect that they will be attracted to certain movements, scents, and locations where they sense opportunity for a catch.

While this may be bad news for the surfer who looks significantly like prey from below, it’s helpful to anyone who may want to fish for sharks in Florida. Knowing the ways that sharks look for prey can help you locate the sharks’ hunting grounds and potentially make it easier to catch one.

Sharks 101: Basic Shark Facts

If you want to fish for shark, it’s good to start with a little bit of knowledge about the species. Sharks are called apex predators because they are at the top of the food chain. They are well equipped to out-maneuver and out-last other species of fish.

  • Sharks occupy shallow to deep regions, and they are able to blend into both with a deceptive skin tone that appears to blend with the surface or the deep. From below, their light bellies will blend with the surface of the water, but from above, their darker backs make it hard to distinguish against the murk of the deep ocean. Therefore, sharks can hide from predators—or lay in weight to strike quickly as prey swim above.
  • Sharks are agile, despite their ability to grow up to 14 feet for some species. They are built for speed and velocity, plus they have large tails that propel them through the water or turn their direction quickly. They are not prepared for endurance and only manage bursts of speed.
  • Evenings are when most sharks find larger prey that have emerged to find their own food, so often, sharks are more active at night. Sharks can easily hide in the murky darkness, and their stealth gives them the advantage to glide up slowly and then attack once they are close to their target.

Putting Facts To Action

When you charter a shark fishing trip in Florida, you will want to keep in mind that your charter will mostly likely be at night. Plan accordingly and prepare to pack flashlights, layers of clothes, and reflective gear so that you can find your belongings in the gloom. You may want to bring a camera that can take pictures in low light or darkness with flash, but be sure the catch is fully stabilized before you use a bright flash. Also, most charters are 4 hours, so plan to carry enough charge on your flashlights or devices to last the timeframe.

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