Fishing for Wahoo – An Adventure On A Florida Deep See Private Charter

Fishing for Wahoo – An Adventure On A Florida Deep See Private Charter

Looking for a challenge on the water? Try fishing for Wahoo! The experienced fisher will be able to handle this extremely fun catch. Private charters in Florida are the perfect way to take on the challenge! Work with a team of other veteran fishers who will know the right techniques and methods to pull one of these on board.

Why Wahoo?

  • Fast. Wahoo are sleek, built for speed and swimming at top speeds of 70 mph. They might even rip your line off and leave the reel smoking. With soft mouths that tear easily, it’s hard to reel one in without the right equipment.
  • Fun. This is a clever fish; the Wahoo will swirl around the charter, weaving under and around the hull, teasing you to just try and catch ‘em! They like hunting and chasing, so be prepared to outsmart their laser-sharp instincts.
  • Tasty. Wahoo are flavorful and have a mild, slightly sweet taste. They take well to simple seasonings like olive oil and salt, but they are wonderfully savory with heavier, tangier marinades that soak into the flesh for a deeper flavor.

Where There’s One, There’s Many

Wahoo won’t be an easy catch, so be ready for an adventure. Private deep sea fishing charters will have local knowledge of their favorite haunts, so you’ll know where to troll for the Wahoo. The charter boat will also have the right tools to account for the Wahoo’s speed and ability to pull or break lines. You won’t need to bring your own supplies or purchase new ones!

Wahoo also travel in schools, and that means finding just one will start your adventure since there will be more where it comes from. If you spot one in the water, then the others will be nearby, and you will have a good opportunity to catch at least one of these exhilarating predatory fish!

So if you’re ready for a little challenge and looking for a way to test your fishing mettle, let Ambush Fishing show you the way. With experienced crews and all the equipment, you can soon add Wahoo to your list of catches. Simply call 321-626-0902 to book a fishing charter today, or make a charter request online anytime!