Wahoo Fishing

Wahoo Fsihing

“Thrilling!” That’s the best way to describe Wahoo fishing.

Although you may not start out trying to catch a Wahoo, you’ll be glad if you do. It’s a tasty fish that fun to catch. Slender, sleek, and fast, Wahoo are related to the King Mackerel. They zip around and under the boat so fast you can hardly see them, reaching speeds of 60-70 mph. It’s no joke that a Wahoo can rip off a line so fast that the reel starts smoking!

Catching a Wahoo takes serious fishing skills and knowledge, along with the right equipment, which is why a private deep sea fishing charter with Ambush Fishing is your best shot at landing one of these lightning fast fish.

Teamwork Makes For Successful Wahoo Fishing

Wahoo is a prize among sports fishermen. Its’ speed, cunning, aggression, strength, and size make Wahoo one of the single most exciting deep sea fish to chase. Trying to catch Wahoo on your own almost never works. You need the right equipment, local knowledge of Wahoo, and strong fishing skills to land one.

A private fishing charter with Ambush Fishing provides you with all of that and more. Our captains have lived in the area and fished these waters for their entire lives. We only offer private deep sea fishing charters with a maximum of 6 people, and we stock all of the necessary tackle, bait, and gear necessary to tailor your fishing experience to the species you want to catch.

Trolling is the best way to catch Wahoo since they are aggressive predators that thrive on the hunt and the chase. Juveniles and even adults travel in schools so if we find one, we can be sure that there are others nearby. Captains are ready to jump in to help you land a Wahoo, which are a challenge not only for their speed, but also because they have a soft mouth that tears easily and jaws that move both up and down and side to side. It’s very easy for the fish to work a hook loose and speed off before you even know what’s going on. We’ll help you every step of the way, from setting up your rods to determining trolling speed to keeping the line tight once you’ve got a bite.

Enjoy The Scream Of The Reel With Wahoo Fishing

If you long to hear the scream of a reel, you have to try Wahoo fishing; there’s nothing else like it. Book a private Port Canaveral fishing charter with Ambush Fishing by calling 321-626-0902 today. You’ll be screaming “Wahoo!” before you know it.