Sailfish Fishing

Sailfish Fishing

Sailfish fishing delivers a classic Florida deep sea fishing experience. Sailfish are the fastest fish in the oceans, reaching up to 68 mph when they’re on-the-go. Coupled with speed is their size, agility, fight, and beauty. It’s no wonder that the sailfish is Florida’s official state saltwater fish – these beauties have got it all!

Sailfishing In Florida

Sailfish are a favorite among trophy hunters. Not only do they look beautiful in the water and on the line, they are a challenge to reel in, often performing incredibly acrobatic jumps when hooked, and providing an unforgettable deep sea fishing experience.

Sailfish are migratory predators. They can be found along the Atlantic Coast in the winter months, generally from November to March or April. They’re also extremely common and are Florida’s most prolific billfish species. They tend to travel in schools so once we find one sailfish it’s practically a sure bet that others are nearby. Sometimes, the fish are so numerous, we can just look down in the water and see them.

At Ambush Fishing we use a variety of methods to hook sailfish including live bait trolling and kite fishing. Once a sailfish is hooked, get ready for a show! These agile, powerful fish will jump and twist to try to break free, which only makes their beautiful blue and white coloring gleam even stronger. Sailfish colors actually change with their excitement level, lightening or darkening.

Sailfish are a catch-and-release species in Florida, so make sure to bring your camera on your private fishing charter. You will not want to miss an opportunity to document a sailfish catch!

Book A Private Sailfish Excursion At Ambush Fishing

If you want to test your skills against a sailfish, plan to visit Florida in the winter months and be sure to book a private deep sea fishing charter with Ambush Fishing. We’ll get you out to where the fish are biting and let you have at it. Don’t worry about packing poles and equipment – we handle all of that for you!

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