Amberjack Fishing

Amberjack Fishing

If you’re up for a challenge, Amberjack fishing is certain to provide it. Thought they may not look like anything special, Amberjack pull something fierce! They have as much stamina as they do strength and it’s possible to fight with one for an hour or more before either you or the fish finally give in and give up the fight.

Greater Amberjack (Seriola dumerili) range in size from 5 to 60 pounds, and even the smallest of the species will put up a good fight. Fish over 100 pounds are not uncommon with the Florida record being 142 pounds. Amberjack fishing is so distinctive that an experienced fisherman can tell when you’ve hooked an Amberjack before you’ve even reeled it in.

Amberjack are also called AJ, Coronado, and Cavilia.

Where to Find Amberjack

Amberjack are generally bottom feeders, but they do sometimes make surface appearances. They tend to hide out in structures, wrecks, and floating debris, and will make a break for a nearby hideout once they’ve been hooked. This leads to a lot of broken lines, particularly when you don’t have the right tackle. We stick with heavier tackle when we are out fishing for Amberjack to try and avoid these types of situations.

Fishing For Amberjack

Amberjack are tasty, firm whitefish, excellent for eating fresh or smoking. They can be caught by drifting, trolling, or casting nearly any time of year in Florida. They are often accidentally caught by fishermen out for grouper. On our deep sea fishing charter, we use heavy rods and reels with lines rated for 50 pounds or more when Amberjack are on the agenda. Depending on where you find them, jacks can be drawn in by surface plugs, spoons, or jigs and, of course, live chum. Live fish are the best way to draw these fish up and out of their hiding spots.

Set Sail On A Port Canaveral Fishing Charter With Ambush Fishing

If you are ready to test your mettle against Amberjack, contact Ambush Fishing to arrange a private fishing charter. We’ll stock with boat with all the right gear necessarily to reel in these monsters and get you out to where they most commonly feed. We offer full, half day, and 12-hour deep sea fishing tours, year-round.

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