Finding Safe Harbor: How to Enjoy A Safe Fishing Charter

Finding Safe Harbor: How to Enjoy A Safe Fishing Charter

In all the excitement of your upcoming Florida fishing charter, you may have your bags packed and your tickets ready. In addition to the preparations, think about a few ways to make your awesome outdoor adventure as safe as possible.

Fun – And Safety – In The Sun

Your charter will be thrilling and offer many exciting moments. Catching the fish, reeling in your catch, and taking your memory photo will be victories to talk about for years to come. Still, you will be a guest on a boat and this may be your first experience on the sea. Make you sure you enjoy every minute by knowing a few key safety tips.

3 Tips For Water Safety

  1. Grab On. Ocean waves are soothing swells that rock the boats gently when they are chopping through the water or anchored. Even though the waves offer a gentle motion, you might require some time to get used to a moving surface when you walk. Throughout the boat, well-placed handles and rails give you some extra support to hold onto as you get your sea legs.
  2. Foot Loose. On board, be prepared to walk on the deck safely as the waves rise and fall and the surf sprays. Your shoe is the best source of safety for stabilizing yourself on board. Decks may become slippery, so find a sole that keeps traction when the surface is wet or dry. Some fabrics are waterproof which you definitely will appreciate on board, but watch for materials that will also dry quickly.
  3. Eye Care. The sunshine over blue ocean water is a classic vision in Florida, but be sure you remember your shades. The rays of the sun reflecting on the water may dapple with natural beauty, but they also amplify the brightness shining in your eyes. For comfort and protection, bring a pair of sunglasses with you on your charter.

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