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Easy Deep-Sea Fishing Sun Safety Tips

True fun in the sun only happens if you take precautions to avoid a dreaded sunburn. Nothing dampens a wonderful outdoor adventure like the sting of sunburn.

Slather On The Sunscreen

When you book a full-day offshore fishing charter, you’ll be out on the open sea for quite a bit of time. The first step in protecting yourself against any sun damage is a good offense: lather up with sunscreen.

You want to put on enough sunscreen to keep yourself covered, but don’t forget that even though you’re not in the water, you’ll be active and the sunscreen can wear off. Be sure to re-apply several times throughout the day.

Frequently Forgotten Sun-Sensitive Spots

There are some oft-forgotten spots that you want to remember when you’re using sunscreen.

  • Ears. Whether you have short hair or wear hair pulled back, exposed ears will take the brunt of the sun’s rays. Be sure to put sunscreen along the edges and just behind the ears near your hairline.
  • Neckline. You may feel safe wearing a shirt, particularly if it’s made with SPF materials that deflect the sun, but still add sunscreen around and just under the neckline. As you move about or cast your fishing line, clothes shift about and you could end up with a small but very sun-burned line around your neck.
  • Toes. If you’ve ever had a sunburn on your feet and endured the pain of limping home from the beach in your flip flops, you’ll know that forgotten feet will surely feel the burn! So, from the tips of your toes to the ankles, make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen here even if you’re wearing shoes or sandals.

Wearable Sun Protection

When you’re reeling in a fierce Amberjack or keeping up with speedy Wahoo, you won’t have time to worry about sunscreen! So be ready to stay safe with a few easy clothing pieces that also won’t interfere with your ability to bring in your deep-sea catch.

  • Hat. Easy to pop on and go, a hat will not only further protect your ears but your scalp, as well. It’s easy to forget that underneath all our hair is some pretty sensitive skin that is exposed 100% to the sun when we’re outdoors. Make sure you don’t burn your scalp and plop on a hat. As an added bonus, hats with a visor or large, wide brim can also protect your face, neck, or shoulders.
  • SPF Fabric. There are some great clothes meant for watersports like deep-sea fishing. Look for a rash guard, athletic shirts made from synthetic materials that prevent sunburn when you’re exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

When To Use Sun Protection

Any deep-sea fishing charter will take place under the sun, and the only thing you’ll want to bring home is your catch, not sunburn. So, when you book your private fishing charter, plan to bring along these few items and maximize your fun-in-the-sun without penalty.

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