Deep Sea Fishing 101: Using Bait

Bait fishing is an undeniably advantage for catching predator fish in Florida’s waters. Using something that is alive or used to be alive triggers interest and instincts in fish that hunt prey. You get the advantages of movement and smell, which can’t be mimicked by man-made lures. Since many deep-sea anglers are going for those trophy predator fish, bait is the smart choice.

Live Or Dead?

Getting started with bait can be overwhelming. There’s just so much to choose from! And every species seems to have a different preference. That’s actually the key to choosing your bait though. Start by thinking about which kind of fish you’re trying to catch and choose the bait that will best lure them in.

The most basic bait choice you’ll have to make is between live or dead baits.

  • Live Bait. The biggest advantage to using live bait is movement. You get tons of movement without having to do a thing. Even better is the fact that it is wounded prey movement – a surefire way to attract predators. If you have the time and inclination, you might even be able to catch live bait yourself, saving a little bit of money, and if you get the bait in the same area as where you’ll be fishing, you can get a pretty good idea of what types of predator fish are likely to be lurking nearby.
  • Dead Bait. Dead bait may not be as effective as live bait for certain species, but it’s undeniably helpful to have on hand. It’s also easy to find, you can mix and match bait species to try for a wider variety of predator fish, and in some cases you can buy it pre-rigged which will save time when you’re out on the water. Even dead bait will emit smells and leak blood as it starts to thaw, so you can still trigger those predatory instincts. You will have to do more work to get the bait to move in the water than if you used live bait, but that’s part of the challenge and fun of deep sea fishing!

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