Shark Fishing Charter | Catching Sharks In Florida

Catching A Shark Without Catching Trouble

It’s a remarkable event to be a fisherman and reel in a shark. There are many kinds of shark species, but they are all predators and worthy adversaries. Don’t just plan to fish for sharks on your own; be safe and let a Florida fishing charter handle the dangers.

Even the most seasoned fisherman would need to vary the routine and be more watchful around a shark catch. These creatures are known for their ability to devour large prey, and they are equipped with the teeth and muscles to do so. Even when you have a shark on the line, there is much to know about catching a shark and bringing it and yourself back to safety.

To Catch-And-Release Or Not To Catch-And-Release

Not all shark species can be kept after catching them. Make sure to verify the catch and release requirements with your fishing charter. Ambush fishing charter in Florida would help you determine when you are able to catch and keep or whether you will need to release the shark. Even if you have to release the catch, your up-close-and-personal contact with a shark is still worth it and an opportunity you won’t forget.

Safety On Deck

It’s exciting to reel in a shark, but even on deck, proceed with caution. Sharks are predators, and so it’s standard practice to be careful of their size and strength. Even out of the water, they can thrash or chomp, so stay back until your charter crew gives you more direction. Once the shark is off the line, then take your pictures. If you have to release, let the crew put the shark back into the water and remove the line. They have the expertise to know the best way to safely let the shark go. If you are keeping the catch, still let the crew prep and remove the shark from the line and get the catch ready for you.

Equipment is Key

Catching a shark and bringing it on board will require the use of special equipment. The charter will be ready with special rods and lines to handle the power of the shark. The rods will have a deep-seated holder on the charter so that you will be safe when the shark takes the bait. The charter will have thick lines and multiplier reels to manage the tension of the large catch, but be prepared for the line to fly out once the shark takes the bait—the shark will start swimming away fast, and your line might sound like a scream as it races out.

Shark fishing is thrilling, but it is better to find a fishing charter that will help you navigate the shark fishing waters so that you avoid any danger. Whether you eat the catch or watch it return to the deep, you will have the thrilling experience bringing aboard a shark!

Contact Ambush Fishing to book a shark fishing charter today, and we’ll keep you safe on board with our shark fishing charters. We’re equipped to fish for shark, and you will avoid danger with the guidance from our crew. Call 321-626-0902 or make a charter request online today!