Bring Your Group To Florida For A Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Bring Your Group To Florida For A Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Deep sea charter experiences can be a thrilling way to spend an afternoon, from breakfast to dinner, the whole day or even overnight for some night-time fishing. Ambush Deep Sea Charters is ready to bring you and your private group to some of the best fishing spots on the Florida coast. Family, friends, or co-workers will welcome a break from tradition, and maybe, a private fishing charter will become a new tradition!

Family Friendly Charters

Capture the moment when your child hooks a fish for the first time. Children love to catch fish, and deep see fishing brings the experience to a whole new level. Ambush Fishing has the expertise to make your family adventure a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. However, family outings are not just about the kids. A siblings-weekend or Father’s day charter would be a great time for a private fishing charter. Getting Dad out on the water to catch a shark for his special day would make that a hard-to-beat Father’s day!

With Friends Like These

Do you and your college friends keep saying you’re going to get together–catch up, laugh over old memories, and make new ones? Maybe you see each other every weekend, but you’re just looking for something new and different to do. No matter the occasion, booking a charter experience with your friends will leave you with stories to re-tell together for a lifetime. Whether you’re catching sea bass or sharks, you’ll have a good tale about the big one that didn’t get away–with pictures to prove it!

Co-Workers Collaborate Better with Charters

Company events always celebrate by heading to a restaurant for a meal. Make a difference by letting your colleagues catch their own food on a private deep sea charter! Reward your employees with a day of fishing that they’ll never forget. For teams, charter day-trips are not only a great way to celebrate the team’s hard work, but they also offer an activity that may act as a team-builder and strengthen your team.

Ambush Fishing Will Charter Your Outing Based On Your Needs

No matter your reason for booking a private charter boat, you can rest-assured that your outing is your outing. Ambush Fishing will make it fit your style. We only book one group, up to 6 people, per charter. We never mix groups so your charter is truly one of a kind.

Contact Ambush Fishing to book a private fishing charter today, and we’ll make your outing a once-in-a-lifetime event. Call 321-626-0902 or make a charter request online today!