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Boats for Beginners: Learn The Basics Of A Boat Charter

Most people know the sound a pirate makes and can fire off a growling, “Arrgh!” The majority of people’s experience with a ship probably comes from their knowledge of pirates on the high seas. For those who plan to take a trip to Florida and charter a boat, it’s good to learn more than the “aye matey” of a pirate’s tale.

Types of Boats Used In Florida Fishing Charters

Unlike the schooners of a pirate story, the tall boats with sails atop several masts, deep sea fishing in Florida takes place on motorized vessels that are between 32 to 44 feet long. If you plan to charter a boat, it’s good to know a bit about the type of ship you will take.

Private charter boats in Florida like Ambush Fishing are swift ships called Calvin Beals, a lightweight, fast boat that works well for sportfishing or yachting. At 36’ with a cabin and open back, there is plenty of room for groups and shade from the sun during day trips.

Boat Terminology To Know

When you step foot onto a charter boat for some deep-sea fishing, the charter company will take care of all of your needs. However, it’s helpful to know a few terms in case you need to respond to the crew should they use any of these common terms.

  • Hull. The main part of the boat that rests in the water is the hull. The hull is shaped to cut through waves and stay afloat. When you refer to the size of the boat, the measurements are describing the length of the hull.
  • Prow. At the very front of the boat is the point that chops through water, and this is called the prow.
  • Bow. The prow is located on the bow, or the front of the boat.
  • Stern. At the back of the boat, the opposite of the bow is the stern.
  • Port side. When facing the front of a ship, the left side is called the port.
  • Starboard. When facing the front of a ship, the right side is called the starboard.
  • Aft. When referring to the stern or rear of the ship, this area is called aft.

Important Boat Facts For New Fishers

For those who have never been on a boat, it may feel strange to walk on a moving surface. You may be used to an escalator or moving sidewalk at an airport, but those move horizontally. A boat will tend to move up and down, vertically, as it rises on the waves. Be prepared for a sensation in your legs that feels like weightlessness when you step and the boat rides down the wave and of heaviness when the boat rises up onto a wave. Within a short while of stepping onto the boat, you will get your sea legs under you! But don’t worry—charters are equipped with seats so that you may also rest and get off your feet.

Get your sea legs aboard an Ambush Fishing Charter today, and whether you cast your line port or starboard, you’ll be sure of an adventure! Let Ambush Fishing be your guide to a full or half-day charter to enjoy from prow to stern. To book a fishing charter today, call 321-626-0902 or make a charter request online today!