Bait Basics: The Difference Between Live Bait and Lures

Bait Basics: The Difference Between Live Bait and Lures

We’ve all seen the image of a worm dangling from a fishing hook, the perennial image for fishing. In reality, the use of a worm for bait is seldom the first choice. When it comes to hooking a fish on the line, there are two types of bait, live and artificial.

Defining Live Bait

The live bait category includes the classic worm to other types of small fish. Choosing live bait comes down to the type of fish you want to catch. Some fish will see and approach a long, meaty nightcrawler while others will investigate a smaller, wiggling mealworm.

When it comes to live fish bait, the minnow is the classic choice. Small and squiggly, the minnow attracts the attention of larger fish. Another popular type of small live fish bait would be shrimp. For some deep-sea fishing species, you might find larger live fish bait like squid or crabs work well. For example, Cobia will find that type of bait hard to resist! On a deep-sea fishing charter, you might even use live chum, a mixture of live sardines and herring thrown into the water periodically to attract larger predator fish.

The Purpose and Use of Artificial Bait

The whole point of artificial bait is to lure fish, which is why you might also hear this type of bait called lures. Lures imitate live bait to attract the fish, and they are desirable because they are reusable. There is a plethora of lures from which to choose, and in most cases, they look as interesting as their names sound! In a search for lures, you’ll find categories chock full of different types of surface plugs, spoons, jigs, streamer flies, and more.

The variety of these types of baits relates to the size, shape, color, deployment, and number of hooks. Some have mechanisms that open below the surface or require bobbers that float on the surface to counteract the weight of the hook.

The fish are lured by the imitation bait, brought close enough to bite or investigate, and then snagged on the hooks. Unlike the classic worm-on-a-hook image, some lures have up to three hooks, all designed to catch and hold a fish that gets close.

Which Types of Lures and Bait To Use

Choosing a type of lure or bait could be overwhelming! It also depends on the type of fish you plan to catch. Lake fishing or deep-sea fishing may use widely different ranges of bait or lures. Consulting a fishing guide is the best way to determine which type of lure or bait you need, or take a private deep-sea fishing charter with professionals who will have the appropriate bait stocked and ready for you.

Now that you’re equipped with some bait basics, you’re probably excited to catch some fish! Contact Ambush Fishing to get started today. With experienced crews and all the equipment you need—including bate and lures, you will enjoy some of Florida’s best deep-sea fishing. Simply call 321-626-0902 to book a fishing charter today, or make a charter request online anytime!