7 Advantages To Deep Sea Fishing Off The Coast Of Florida In The Fall And Winter

Fishing is often thought of as a summer activity, but here in Florida you’ll find outstanding catches year-round because, believe it or not, Florida does have seasons and fish populations vary depending on the time of year!

Fall and winter are great times to be out on the water doing some deep sea fishing with Ambush Fishing Charters. Here are 7 of our favorite reasons to fish in the fall and winter months.

7 Benefits To Deep Sea Fishing In Fall And Winter

  1. It’s A Little Cooler. If the Florida heat is a little too much for you, you’ll relish the cooler temperatures that fall and winter bring. Humidity is lower too, making for a pleasant day out on the water.
  1. The Sun Is Less Intense. The sun sits lower in the sky during these months, making it less intense and the day overall more enjoyable.
  1. There’s Still Plenty Of Fishing. The fish don’t leave once summer ends; you’ll still find a great variety of fish and get plenty of bites.
  1. It’s Fun For The Family. Fishing is always a fun family time and with fewer crowds in the fall and winter months, it’s easier to schedule a full or half day charter with us.
  1. Grouper Runs. Grouper, grouper, grouper! The cooler months are the best time of year to fish for many different types of grouper because they like the cooler water temperatures. You can catch black grouper, red grouper, goliath grouper, gag grouper, and broom tail.
  1. Whether you love wahoo for their taste, for the thrill you get when one nabs a bite on your line, or just seeing them streak through the water, the winter months are the best time to try to catch one in Florida.
  1. Sharks tend to congregate in shallower water during the cooler months, making them easier to find (though not necessarily to catch!). Blacktip and spinner sharks in particular are known to migrate through Florida waters during the winter months.

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