5 Reasons To Choose A Private Fishing Charter

If you’re headed to Florida or are a local with thoughts of fishing on your mind, you’ve no doubt found plenty of fishing charters eager to take you out for the day. These charters generally fall into one of two categories: private or public. While it can be tempting to book a public charter (they’re a little bigger, less expensive and have more spots available), there are several very good reasons why a private fishing charter is a much better choice. Here’s a look at our top 5 reasons why you should choose a private charter.

5 Reasons Why A Private Fishing Charter Is A Better Experience

  1. There’s room to move. Public charters try to cram as many people on the boat as possible. With a private charter, your number will be strictly limited – to the number of people you choose to bring with you! You won’t be cramped like sardines (full pun intended for a little fishing humor) and can enjoy a relaxing day out on the water. We are limited per US Coast Guard for up to 6 people, it is up to you to how many you bring.
  1. Less competition and frustration. Fewer fishermen on the boat means fewer lines in the water. That ups your chances of landing a big one and decreases the likelihood that you’ll spend more time untangling lines than actually fishing. Private tours are also more likely to move around and go where the fish are. If we aren’t having any luck in one spot, we’ll pack up and move to a new spot so you can see some action. We don’t drift-and-pole. Due to less people, we are more able to fish all styles in order to maximize our catch. On our boat, we can fish from the shallows to 300 plus foot of water due to less people and the ability to fish different styles.
  1. You can enjoy your friends. On a private charter, it’s just you and the group of friends or family that you bring with you. You’ll enjoy an intimate setting where you can really connect with one another, instead of trying to enjoy each other’s company in the presence of 70 other people. We do not mix groups or charters.
  1. You’ll get to the fishing hole fast. Ambush Fishing’s 405hp cummins will get you out to all the best fishing spots quickly. What takes a larger boat 2 plus hours, will take us much less time. That means more time with lines in the water and less time spent on traveling to and from the docks – all for the same cost as a public tour.
  1. A personalized experience. On a private tour you get the full attention of the captain and crew. We can customize trips to try for specific species you’re interested in catching or for your fishing skill level. We can provide beginners with tips and tricks to make the trip more fun and successful and we can swap stories with experienced fishermen who have seen it all. It makes our day watching people learn how to catch big fish with the proper techniques.

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