4 Reasons To Book A Fishing Charter Trip For Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is right around the corner and you may be wondering how to best take advantage of the holiday. If you and your family haven’t made plans, it’s the perfect weekend to reserve a private Florida deep-sea fishing charter.

With summer on the way out, now’s the time to arrange the season’s final game-fishing experience. Need a compelling reason to do so? We’ll highlight four of them below.

#1 – The Weather Is Perfect For Deep-Sea Fishin

Heat and high humidity are common in Florida during the summer. These conditions can lead to misery if you’re sitting in traffic, cooking outdoors, or playing sports at a local park.

That’s what most people will be doing on Labor Day weekend.

You have a better option. Take the opportunity to rent our private fishing charter and enjoy the warm weather while lounging on the water.

#2 – Most People Will Be Busy Attending BBQs

Outdoor grills get more use on Labor Day than on any other day of the year. For many people, Labor Day weekend and barbecue go hand in hand.

That’s good news if you’re planning to go game fishing that weekend. It means less traffic on the docks and less competition at the best fishing spots.

#3 – It Makes For A Fantastic Mini-Vacation

Maybe your job responsibilities prevent you from taking your family on a long vacation. Perhaps your obligations at home have the same effect.

You can still enjoy time off with your family, even if that time is limited. Take a mini-vacation on our brand new 36′ Calvin Beal fishing boat. Reserve it for the entire day or take it out for a half-day fishing adventure. You and your family will experience the best in deep-sea game fishing and still have time to enjoy other activities.

#4 – You Don’t Have To Worry About Work On Monday

The downside to most Sundays is that you have to return to work on Monday. Not so on Labor Day weekend. Monday is the bookend to a gratifying 3-day vacation.

Take our private game-fishing charter out on Sunday and you’ll have an entire day to rest and relax before you have to return to work on Tuesday.

Don’t let Labor Day weekend pass by without enjoying one last summertime game-fishing excursion. Let Ambush Fishing handle everything for you. Contact us today to book a private half-day or full-day deep-sea fishing charter for you and your family or friends.