Key Differences Between Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing

4 Key Differences Between Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing

If you see a placid stretch of water and start to think about which bait, sinker, or lure to use, then you are a fisher at heart! Anyone who loves the sport of fishing will think first about the catch when they see a prime fishing spot. So, does it matter what type of water you cast your line into? Are they all the same?

Not quite! There is a big difference between saltwater and freshwater fishing, and while both offer a fisher the same grand opportunity to make a great catch, they differ quite a bit. If you’ve never gone fishing in the ocean, here are some key differences to know.

Differences Between Lake and Deep-Sea Fishing

  1. Choppy Waters. While large lakes experience waves, the giant crests of ocean swells make a difference when fishing in the deep seas. While the fish below won’t be bothered, you will notice a difference in the type of craft you will need to set sail. Lightweight but sturdy, a 36’ Calvin Beal charter boat will keep you safe and dry while the waves crash around you on the ocean. You can enjoy the ride as the boat chops through the surf.
  2. Differences in the Fish. Whether from a lake or deep-sea fishing adventure, the fish will taste delicious because it’s fresh. However, ocean fish are easier to debone because they tend to have larger bone structures than lake fish. If you want to tear into your fresh catch, it’s faster to prep and eat your deep-sea fishing catch right away.
  3. Variety of Bait. Fishing freshwater species usually doesn’t require special bait. Minnows, worms, and occasionally crawfish work well. However, the type of bait for saltwater fish can be much more varied from chum, a mix of fish parts, to whole crabs!
  4. Fish Size. The fish in lakes, particularly the Great Lakes, range in size but can be quite large. Still, the fish caught during a deep-sea fishing charter are huge, sometimes as large as 70 to 80 pounds!

Enjoy The Differences With A Deep-Sea Fishing Charter

If you’ve enjoyed fishing in freshwater, you’ll love the change of pace offered by a deep-sea fishing charter. Your previous experience and the knowledge of the crew and captain will ensure your adventure makes memories.

Book a Florida fishing charter today and enjoy a new, exciting experience that you’ll love to tell your fishing buddies all about –Or, bring them along for a group outing! Simply call 321-626-0902 to book today, or make a charter request online anytime!