3 Advantages To Booking A Weekday Fishing Charter

When you think of sport fishing, you probably think of the weekend. That’s when most people venture onto the water with hopes of bagging their prey.

But therein lies a problem.

Everyone is trolling the best spots at the same time, which means more competition for the same number of mahi-mahi, red snapper, and grouper.

If you haven’t yet considered booking a weekday fishing charter, now’s the time to do so. Here are three immediate advantages you’ll enjoy over the typical weekend warrior.

#1 – Less Competition At The Best Fishing Spots

 The secret to having a productive day on the water is knowing where the fish are. You don’t have to worry about such details when you book a charter with Ambush. Our Captains, both John and Zak, know the prime fishing spots around Florida.

The problem is, these spots can become overcrowded during the weekends. That’s when everyone is grabbing their bait and tackle, and hopping aboard the nearest charter to put their lines in the water.

When you go out on a weekday, there’s much less competition. You can relax knowing that if the sea bass, kingfish, and amberjack are biting, you’ll bag your share.

#2 – Weekends Fill Up Quickly

Weekend charters get full very quickly. Spots can be reserved well in advance, but not everyone plans that far ahead. Oftentimes, people arrange the upcoming weekend with the intention of going out on the water only to find the charter is unavailable.

You’re less likely to face that problem when you go out on a weekday. Fewer people book offshore charters Monday through Friday. That means there’s a good chance the charter will be available for your family and your friends.

#3 – Easier Access To The Docks

There’s a lot of cruise traffic during the weekend. Consequently, it takes more time to reach the docks. That means you and your party need to arrive earlier to ensure you’re able to board the charter on time. On especially busy days, you may need to arrive 40 to 50 minutes ahead of the charter’s scheduled departure.

That’s less of an issue Monday through Friday. Traffic is lighter, which makes getting to the docks a bit easier.

You should still plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early if you’re going out during the week. But that’s far less time than you’d need to set aside for a weekend charter.

Whether you plan to go out for a full day or half day, you’ll find more availability when booking a weekday charter than booking a charter on the weekend. The prime fishing spots will be less crowded, you’ll have no problem reserving the boat, and you’ll confront lighter crowds getting to the docks.

Once the boat departs, trust Captain John and Captain Zak, our resident game fishing experts, to find the best spots to catch your quarry.

Contact Ambush Fishing at 321-626-0902 to book your private fishing charter today. Bring your friends to make the day even better!