10 Reasons To Skip Vegas And Have Your Bachelor Party On A Full Day Fishing Charter

When you think of a bachelor party, chances are Las Vegas and lots of liquor come to mind. If Vegas isn’t in the cards, or it’s a little to cliché for you — take your party out on the water! Full day fishing charters at Ambush Fishing are available for bachelor (or bachelorette!) parties!

Here are 10 reasons why a full day fishing charter makes for a great bachelor party:

  1. It’s unique.

If you want a unique bachelor party, a fishing charter can’t be beat. This is especially true if you’ve all been through a rash of weddings lately. There’s no “been there, done that” with a fishing charter!

  1. It’s memorable.

None of you will ever forget the excitement and satisfaction that comes with reeling in a trophy fish. Added bonus: you’ll gain great stories to tell your kids and grandkids down the line.

  1. You can still have beer.

No need to forgo the beer on our charters. Fishing and beer go hand-in-hand, just like beer and bachelor parties. Who are we to deny tradition?

  1. You’ve got a DD.

With our captain at the wheel, you can kick back and enjoy yourself. We’ll take you to where the fish are biting and even provide all the bait and tackle you need.

  1. The odds are better.

Your chances of catching a big one are higher than your chances of beating the house.

  1. You’ll get in some real bonding time.

It’s much quieter out on a boat, giving you a chance for some real quality time with your buddies. A full 9 hours!

  1. It’s a contained cost.

A full day fishing charter with Ambush Fishing is just $900. You won’t find yourself running up a tab anywhere only to wonder where it all went later on.

  1. You’ll get pictures you won’t be ashamed of.

You won’t cringe when your friends whip out their phones to show your fiancée pictures of the day (unless you’re prone to motion sickness, those pictures can be cringe-worthy).

  1. You’ll get a nice tan before the big day.

That tan will come in handy when you’re pale from nerves!

  1. It’s in Port Canaveral.

We’re located in Port Canaveral which is full of hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment options giving you plenty of options for your bachelor party weekend.

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